Sustainability: in the environmental and economic sciences, a development condition able to ensure satisfaction of present generation needs without compromising the ability for future generations to recognize their own.

How are we committed to being sustainable, at Anna Valotta Design?

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We choose raw materials and fibers of ecological origin, able to safeguard the environment and nature´s balance. We carefully follow every step of the production cycle, from the choice of ethically grown yarns to the use of water saving technologies. We value biodiversity and social standards, because for us, sustainability also means respect for people and communities.

We embrace the art of “buying less, buying better”. Imagine “Mix & Match” collections, where each piece merges with the other creating an infinite universe of outfits. Think of contemporary, timeless, vibrant and easily combinable designs. This is the heart of our strategy – a celebration of quality, the emotion of consciously choosing, the experience of building a wardrobe that speaks of you and who loves the planet. Because with Anna Valotta Design, less is really more.

Our brand is not just a name, it’s a story of passion, quality and sustainability. Our journey begins in Tuscany, the beating heart of the Italian textile tradition, where our supplier for over twenty years, creates high quality ecological fabrics, proudly certified GOTS (Global Organic Textil Standard) and GRS (Global Recycle Standard). The journey continues in the district of Italian Haute Couture in Lombardy, precisely in Varese area, where craftsmanship has been handed down for over 40 years. Here, our ideas come to life in a sartorial laboratory where excellence is at home. With Anna Valotta Design, you don’t just buy one piece of clothing: you join a journey through Italian craftsmanship, sustainability and a passion for fashion.

The Made in Italy that we proudly carry out is much more than a guarantee of quality and excellence. It is a firm commitment to the highest standards of workers’ rights, an essential element to be recognized as a sustainable and responsible brand.

But our commitment to sustainability does not stop there: our packages are FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council): this means that the paper used comes from responsibly managed forests, where deforestation is controlled and followed by re-grafting of trees. By purchasing our garments, you choose to support a brand that cares not only about fashion, but also about the future of our planet.

Every day, we strive to implement an ethical and sustainable approach. Our choice is not accidental, but is the result of a conscious decision to embark on a journey into the world of sustainability, aware that this journey has a beginning, but not an end. We are committed to constantly pursuing new ways to minimize our environmental impact and maximize our contribution to a greener future.


Here are more details about the certifications and characteristics of the yarns we decided to use:

GOTS Certification (Global Organic Textil Standard): leader certification of organic fibers is globally recognized and has high environmental and social standards. Fiber production is required to comply with strict procedures that guarantee soil, ecosystems and peoples health. In particular, chemicals use has to respect biodegradability standard and the entire production chain is required to regard minimal basic criteria of the International Labour Organization.

GRS Certification (Global Recycle Standard): managed by Textile Exchange (NGO), mainly concerns Cotton, Wool, and recycled Polyester and Polyamide fibers. It certifies the product and the manufacturer and respecting precise rules, as well as social rights throughout the production chain.

GOTS Organic Cotton, is the ecological alternative to standard cotton. Although, it is the most widely used natural fiber in the world, organic cotton currently accounts for about 1% of total production. The benefits of organic certification ensure the exclusion of pesticides and harmful substances, including GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Organic cotton ensures excellent skin transpiration, is soft, thicker and longer lasting than a non-organic cotton. The fibers are intact and not weakened by chemical treatments.

Black Coffee Fiber is produced from coffee waste in a closed-loop system in which the by-products are re-introduced into the production system, for an almost zero waste. It is a fiber with incredible ability to control odors and humidity, suitable for both everyday clothing and for sports and technical. It is being perfectly odorless and greatly reduces the number of washes necessary for the correct maintenance of the garment.

Bamboo fiber, a cotton-like fiber that, unlike the latter, requires 1/3 of the water needed for its cultivation. Not having natural parasites it is grown without the use of chemicals, it has incredible anti-bacterial capabilities, protects against UV rays, is breathable, thermoregulatory and extremely gentle on the skin.

Aloe Vera fiber, a plant renowned for its great beneficial properties, used both in food and cosmetics. The gel produced by its leaves is rich in amino acids, polysaccharides, vitamins and enzymes and has a dermoprotective, moisturizing and emollient effect, giving the skin a beautiful feeling of freshness and softness. Aloe has countless benefits for human health, and focusing on skin benefits, we remember its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and detox properties.

The regenerated cellulose Cupro Bemberg fiber, otherwise called Vegetable Silk, is a material that uses 100% of cotton Linter, the shortest filaments that are around the seed. It is a biodegradable and compostable ecological material, and undergoes environmentally friendly production, which includes a closed-loop system that allows the recovery and reuse of the main chemicals, achieving at the same time zero waste emissions.

Lyocell fiber, extracted from eucalyptus trees’ cellulose grown by FSC certified companies (Forest Stewardship Coucil), is produced thanks to a closed cycle system that ensures low environmental impact. It is extremely breathable and antibacterial, as well as bright and soft on the skin.
We also find a similar production for Modal fiber, extracted from beech trees’ cellulose, which is extremely resistant with also great breathability.

Corozo, also called Vegetable Ivory, is the fruit of a palm that grows spontaneously in South America. Its nuts fall once dried and produce a material extremely similar to ivory. We use this material for the production for all of our buttons.


Black Coffee fiber. A closed-loop system, with zero waste. Incredible ability to control odors and humidity.

Less number of washes necessary for the correct maintenance of the garment, for a sustainable product from raw yarn to daily use.


GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. Only 1% of total cotton production, with the exclusion of pesticides and harmful substances.

It’s soft, ensure skin transpiration, thicker than a non-organic cotton, as the fibers are intact and not weakened by chemical treatments.


GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. Only 1% of total cotton production, with the exclusion of pesticides and harmful substances.

It’s soft, ensure skin transpiration, thicker than a non-organic cotton, as the fibers are intact and not weakened by chemical treatments.